Where to buy house plants philadelphia?

Urban planter · Cultivary · Green Farms · Beautiful and Green Terrariums · Secret Garden · STUMP · Land · Urban Jungle. Whether you're filling your backyard with petunias or choosing your first shrub on the windowsill, this Northern Liberties store sells annual and perennial flowers, as well as tropical indoor plants of all shapes and sizes. To make urban horticulture stress-free for the first time, City Planter offers door-to-door plant delivery, replanting services and “rehabilitation consultations” for your sick indoor plants. Curt and Tara Alexander, from Urban Jungle, called themselves “the factory workers of South Philadelphia,” transforming a former body shop into a huge plant warehouse.

Here you can find vertical wall pots, succulent plants, floral arrangements and hanging baskets that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Do you have a good amount of space and don't know where to start? Opt for their gardening services. Whether you're looking to buy your first plant or start an outdoor garden, the Philadelphia plant workshop scene can guide you in the right direction.